Artist Stephen Kline Delves Into the Traits of a Standard Poodle

October 19, 2013 3:29 pm

Traits of a Standard Poodle


Before I draw my dog art, I always get to know the characteristics of the breed of my subject, and in the case of the Standard Poodle, that was great fun. The Poodle traditionally has a vibrant personality and likes to play, although I learned the hard way not to go up against a Poodle in Jeopardy because they are highly intelligent. Okay, I’m kidding about Jeopardy, by Poodles are smart and very trainable, as well as visually proud and elegant.


A Poodle has beautifully dark eyes that lead down to a long, straight muzzle. The curls on their wide, long ears frame their face handsomely, softening their features and drawing even more attention to those alluring eyes.. When I choose my models, it is important that I purposely select a Poodle (or Poodles, as some of my drawings combine the features of more than one dog) representative of the breed, yet unique enough to be intriguing.


Speaking of intriguing, the Poodle has a fascinating history. This graceful, good-natured dog is believed to come from Germany. Drawings of the Poodle go back at least to the 15th century. Although the French have established the poodle as its national breed, the name “Poodle” is probably derived from the German term “Pudel.” As the term suggests, the Poodle likes to play in water.

Those whose dogs have the standard Poodle clip will likely find it interesting that the technique was initially created to aid the Poodle in swimming while protecting the joints from extremely cold waters and sharp undergrowth.

Dog Art

Now why, you may be asking, would someone who wants to draw dogs out of the name of the breed have to be so familiar with its history and personality. The reason is because every dog breed has its own characteristics, and the more I know about those traits, the better I’m able to capture them in my drawing.

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