Dog manners for misbehaving pooches

September 27, 2014 10:11 am


In France, the country many believe to be the culinary capital of the world, few bistros will turn away your well-behaved canine companion. However, as we all know, in most American cities it’s a different story.

While a few trendy restaurants in fashion-forward areas will sometimes allow your four-legged friend to join you under your table during your “weather-permitting” outdoor dining experience, most American eateries will turn away man’s best friend (unless, of course, it’s a service animal).

However, it should be noted that, even in France, restaurateurs have the right to ban patrons with misbehaving pooches.

Therefore, it was with great surprise to us that when our two invited dinner guests arrived unfashionably late for a dinner party of twelve, they stood at our front door with Fido and Fanny in tow, yelping uncontrollably.

This is not okay.

Their explanation was that their dog sitter had failed to arrive and the puppies couldn’t be left alone because their barking would disturb their neighbors. So instead, they brought them to our home to disrupt our dinner party.

As it happens, Fido and Fanny are adorable and we enjoy playing with them – at their house.

Proper etiquette would have advised that our dinner guests simply phone us and explain the situation, leaving it up to us as to whether or not to extend the guest list to fourteen.

Instead, the incident sadly resulted in the end of a beautiful friendship.