What to Get the Dog Man Who Has Everything

November 30, 2013 9:33 am

If he loves his dog, or ever had a dog he loved, have I got an idea for you.

Okay, so you have most of your shopping finished, but you’re still at a loss as to what to buy your husband, son, brother, boyfriend, significant other, grandfather, grandson, great grandfather, great grandson, buddy, priest, minister, rabbi, son-in-law, father-in-law, cousin — you know who it is. This isn’t a person who actually needs a new shirt, he’s never worn a tie, his toy chest is full, and even if you could afford to buy him a car, he already has three. So, what’s the answer?

If he loves his dog, or ever had a dog he loved, have I got an idea for you. It will warm his heart, tickle his belly, and provide something for his kids to fight over after he’s gone. PLUS, if you choose, it will help generate hundreds of dollars for the dog rescue of your choice.

The best part: you can find it right here on this website. It’s a dog portrait drawn entirely from words by artist Stephen Kline Wikipedia. There are over 110 dog breeds to choose from, as well as rescues.

So, now that your gift list is finished, lie back, put your feet up, and enjoy the rest of your holidays.

DrawDOGS_SQ_LogoDear Stephen, Happy Thanksgiving! One of the things that the Toms Family is thankful this year is YOUR DRAWING OF our CENTURIAN! We have it hung in our dining room and enjoy it every day. We want to THANK YOU FOR YOUR SKILLS, YOU HAVE PUT A LOT OF JOY INTO OUR LIVES that will continue forever!

Thanks for the Blog visit. For an additional 25% off on any dog breed lithograph use the promo code BLOG at checkout.