Interview With Stephen Kline, Creating Dog Portraits With The Text Of Their Breeds

November 3, 2013 1:20 pm

Interview With Stephen Kline, Creating Dog Portraits With The Text Of Their Breeds

From E-JUNKIE.INFO posted 9/13/11

Stephen Kline is a Florida based artist who draws detailed portraits of dogs using text of their breeds. For instance, he draws the portrait of a Golden Retriever by writing the name ‘Golden Retriever’ repeatedly within the portrait. He has created lithographs of almost every breed and each one of them looks brilliant and realistic. Placing the text just at the right place to give a particular look is not a child’s play; demanding full focus and time.


“Stephen Kline, internationally known artist, has created a new technique using lines of language to make fascinating and charming lithographs of your favorite dogs, exotic animals, and Santa. Hand-signed and numbered in editions of 500, this art is created by writing the name of the subject over and over. Kline adds additional words with gold and silver applied pen-and-ink, making each print an original piece of art”, as described on his website.

Here’s a short interview with Stephen below with some of the examples of his awesome work:

Stephen, let’s start with a brief introduction of yours.

My home and art studio are in Tampa, FL, where I live with my wife Kris. I was born and raised in Des Moines, where I was educated at Drake University and began my art career at LOOK magazine. I divided my early and mid career between commercial photography and fine arts, focusing on painting in acrylics. After moving from the Midwest to the New York City area, I landed a gallery on Madison Ave. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had my work shown at art museums in areas as diverse as Omaha, NE and Russia. When an opportunity came along to move to the Sunshine State, we packed our bags.

What influences the artist with you?


How did the idea of creating dog art lithographs drawn from the name of breed strike to you? It’s awesome!

Thank you. When I first moved down to Florida, I did an abstract painting using nothing but my signature over and over. It won a place in the Florida National. A few years later I used the same technique to draw Santa, using only lines that said Season’s Greetings over and over, and sent it out to our friends. The next year I noticed that everyone had framed and hung the work. At the time, Kris’s parents had a beloved bulldog, and I put two and two together.

Would you like to describe your creative work process?

The creative process for me is best described as a fleeting gift, that if not often used will somehow disappear in the wind.

I know it’d be difficult to pick but we would love to know your favorite creation by you.

It would have to be the “Poodle” lines of language lithograph. Hundreds of the word Poodle combine to make this doggie come to life.

Share the best compliment you’ve ever received for your work.

I have many that relate to crying….”My friend Diane came over last night and I showed her my lithograph. It is the only thing I have hung in my new kitchen. It is hanging where I can look at it when I am sitting at the table. She thought it was beautiful. I know she will love hers. When I opened mine from my sisters, I actually started to cry. It is so breathtakingly gorgeous. This is a wonderful way that I can memorialize Diane’s dogs for her.”

“Kline’s art has generated tens of thousands of dollars for dog rescues worldwide.” Please elaborate this for us?

I have a 2 for 1 rescue offer on Buy any dog lithograph and I will send an additional print for your favorite rescue. I have many letters like the one below.

“Hi Stephen, The greyhound print that you donated to Monica’s Heart Greyhound Adoption from Altoona, PA was raffled off to help a greyhound “Pumkin Padoodle” that had been injured on the tracks. I had it framed and the raffle brought in $430.00 which I was very pleased. If it wouldn’t have been for your generosity this would not have been possible so I want to say thank you from me and Monica’s Heart. I’m sure Pumkin Padoodle is a happy greyhound to have had the surgery and is now getting ready to be adopted into a forever home. Sincerely, Peg

What has been the most fulfilling moment for you as an artist?

I designed the Florida State of the Art license plate. To date, I’m happy to say that the “Art Plate” has generated over ten million dollars for the state’s art programs.

Do you have any dream project?

I’m living my dream project.

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