“Stephen Kline Creates Amazing Dog Art Through Repetitious Writing”

October 22, 2013 9:02 am

Wordy Pooch Portraits


How the amazing dog drawings of Stephen Kline have escaped me for this long is beyond belief.

Kline’s canine creations look at first to be ordinary drawings of man’s best friend. Upon closer inspection, however, it is revealed that each of these drawings is constructed using only one or two words.

Kline has dubbed his unique art form “lines of language.” Using only a single word, in this case the breed of the dog being drawn, he is able to construct a highly detailed pooch portrait. A total of 120 dog breeds have been drawn using the lines of language technique. According to the artist, sales of his dog art have generated thousands of dollars for various charities and animal rescue groups. You can check out a small sample of Stephen Kline’s amazing art here.

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