3795 Signatures: Lines of Language art by Stephen Kline

Art drawn from words.

Two years after relocating to Ellenton, FL in 1991, Kline painted his first Lines of Language painting, signing his name over and over. Titled 3795 Signatures, the abstract painting with words was chosen for the 1994 Florida National, Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts, Tallahassee, Florida.

It was also in 1994 that Kline designed the Florida State of the Arts license plate.

In 1999, Kline created his first realistic drawing using his new Lines of Language technique to create an image of Santa out of the words Season's Greetings. He had his drawing printed as a lithograph, added additional words with gold and silver applied pen-and-ink to individualize each piece, and sent them out to family, friends, business associates and patrons. The next year, when he noticed how many recipients had framed the art, he decided to use his Lines of Language technique to create his first dog lithograph. Throughout the next several years, Kline has drawn over 125 breeds.

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