Puzzling Disposition

Stephen Kline

51" x 43" Acrylic on canvas

Artist's Statement

I believe education is an imperative for the creative intellect. Revisiting art from the past can inform and delight young people and adults alike, as well as teach valuable rudiments to help shape artists in finding their own voice. This practice, of course, has been used in various forms by artists throughout the ages, such as when Picasso practiced by recreating paintings from such masters as Édouard Manet and Eugène Delacroix.

Whenever education budgets get tightened, art programs are typically the first to get cut, which is tragic.

In my recent series of paintings, I explore the forms, colors, techniques, shapes and content of both familiar and obscure art from the past. By taking elements from similar and diverse works and weaving them together into new situations – Picasso peeking around the skirts of a Toulouse-Lautrec dancer while she completes a high-kick over a piece of ripe fruit by Cézanne – I hope to entice viewers to learn more about masters of the past, and to enhance my own artistic education in the process.

While the educational component of this series is my inspiration, it's also important to me that people have fun through art. With this in mind, I've taken notes of color, divergence of subjects, and conflicts of mood and merged them into a harmony of composition. These paintings are art, history, learning, and gamesmanship on a single canvas.

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