Assembled: Painting by Stephen Kline

Surrealism: Dream and Fantasy Paintings by Artist Stephen Kline

These works reflect the universe as I see it: a kaleidoscope of wonder and possibility, yet filled with complex challenges, just as the human psyche. There are points in our lives when we just don't feel connected, as in "Unplugged", or we feel the need to hide or disguise our feelings as in "Concealed". We all have "Rainy Days and Mondays" or feel fragile and breakable as reflected in "Cracked".

In all my work, I strive to let my true feelings expose themselves through color, form, and substance. Sometimes frail hues collide with immovable shapes; in others, crisp bold colors collaborate with intangible, weightless images. Color can have a profound effect on how we feel both mentally and physically, and in these pieces my palette reflects light and warmth, creating a health-promoting environment in which a young Monet would have been comfortable.

23"x31” Acrylic on canvas

Scroll over the painting for a close-up view.

$2000.00 (Excl. FL State Sales Tax)
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