Support your favorite dog rescue through

October 12, 2013 11:31 pm

Support your favorite rescue: Artist Stephen Kline has donated a “Golden Retriever” lithograph to the Canine Companions for Independence for their annual Day at the Races event in Chicago.

This gift will help to place more Exceptional Dogs for Exceptional People. For someone who once depended on others to open doors or pick up dropped items, the service dog provides independence. Hearing dogs alert their partners to the sound of a knock on the door or a smoke alarm’s warning. For a child in a wheelchair who feels self-conscious in public our skilled companion dogs offer unconditional love, creating a bond of companionship. Patients who reside in facilities look forward to their visits and interactions with the special canine companion facility dogs.

Artist Stephen Kline Animal Rescue Offer:

Buy any animal lithograph for you and I’ll donate one signed and numbered print free for your organization’s fundraiser/auction.

Just purchase any lithograph or original dog or horse drawing through drawDOGS. Notify me via e-mail at with the rescue lithograph of your choice, along with the rescue’s tax-exempt 501(c) number. Thank you for your great rescue work. All best, Stephen