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Stephen Kline’s $10,000,000 license plate

In 1994 Kline designed the Florida State of the Art license plate.
To date the “Art Plate” has generated over ten million dollars for the state’s arts programs.

Stephen Kline Florida license plate

Art drawn from words. Stephen Kline has created a new drawing technique by using lines of language to make fascinating and charming lithographs. His art includes over 110 dog breeds, along with Santa, Eagle, Wolf, Penguin, Tiger and more. A few years back Kline sent his Santa, the signature lithograph that started it all, to his friends. The next holiday season Kline noticed that many had framed this lovable Saint Nick drawn using the words SEASON’S GREETINGS. The displaying of Santa had become a yearly tradition. Since the introduction of the Lines of Language lithographs in 1999, collectors now number over 6000 from over 20 countries and in every state in the US. Publications include Art in America, Art & Oxygen, and ARTnews. Through fundraisers and auctions, Kline’s lithographs have generated tens of thousands of dollars for animal rescues and other charities worldwide. 

Kline Eagle ArtThe American Bald Eagle is drawn with the words God Bless America and USA. Each Eagle lithograph is signed and numbered in an edition of 500 and is hand colored by the artist